Satori Times

Starting Aikido

Aikido as Gratitude practice

To test or not to test

Not a competition

Nervous about testing?

Practice is perfect

Let's get rolling

Kids roll Aikido into life



Beginning Aikido

Into the fire

A long journey


Aikido as Gratitude Practice

Gratitude, Abundance and Joy


To test or not to test

Flowing into the next level


Testing: It's not a competition

Practicing in Partnership


Nervous about testing? Nah, just excited!

See how much you've grown


Practice is perfect

Practice to become the art


Build your ukemi tool bag

Throw . . . and be thrown


Kids roll Aikido into life

Kids say . . . "Aikido is fun!"

Parents say . . "Aikido is impressive!"



Aikido of Red Bank, 2013.

Aiki Kids

Matt Sempai (Matt Wavro, Nidan) was tired. Matthew Kohai (his son) asked for help. Did Matt Sempai say, "I just removed my hakama - I'll help you tomorrow." No.

Taking those few extra moments to respond to his son's need, Matt helped Matt on the mat. See the clearly pictured result: Trust, Learning, and yes . . . Gratitude. May we all offer those few extra moments of our attention for the asking and reap the same great rewards

We are grateful for our children who deserve every moment of our attention. Their eyes, their imitation of our gestures, and their smiles beam their gratitude. For your attention ~ Thank You ~ Mahalo ~Domo Arigato

- Lynne Crystal -

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